Leader frames in South Carelia


Welcome to marvel at the surging rapids! The restoration Hiitolanjoki river has begun by deconstructing the dam at the Kangaskoski power plant, to enable reproduction of the rare Ladoga salmon. The first Leader frames were erected in Finland at Rautjärvi in the summer of 2021.


Welcome to Saari! Come see how an old store warehouse has been transformed into a space for everyone to get together in Saari’s Akonpohja.


Come see the attractions of the art road! During summertime, there are art destinations made by artists, hobby artists and art students, open around the clock along the Jäppilänniemi art road.


Come see Finland’s largest pumptrack in the centre of Ruokolahti! The track was built in 2020 as a Leader project by active locals, entrepreneurs, residents and youngsters. As a result of this amazing work, Finland’s largest pumptrack was born!


Welcome to Imatra! There is plenty to see and do in Imatra for the whole family. In Imatra, nature is near – Vuoksi river runs through Imatra, and the town is surrounded by Lake Saimaa. The East Siitola Leader frame presents Imatra’s best sides – countryside sceneries, Vuoksi river and the town centre of Mansikkala on the opposite shore. Close to the Leader frame is the Imatra Veteran Park, also a natural and cultural site at Saimaa Geopark.


Welcome to Uukuniemi! The Leader frame of Tokkari is located in the Uukuniemi guest harbour, near the services of the municipal centre. Especially during summertime, Uukuniemi is a paradise for holidaymakers and there is an active community of seasonal residents, organising various activities in the summer. Nearby, there is a shop, a restaurant, and a short drive away also the Uukuniemi village centre and the Papinniemi camping area.


Welcome to the centre of Simpele! The Leader frame of Tehtaanpuisto (Factory Park) is right by the centre of Simpele, near the quality services of the municipal centre. Tehtaanpuisto is known especially for its high- level disc golf course, however, it is also a historical location.


Welcome to Äitsaari (Mother Island), the seventh largest island in the Finnish inland waters! The Äitsaari Leader frame is located at the beginning of the island. Through the frame, you can see the Suikkala strait and dance hall, where unforgettable dances and parties are still organised. At Äitsaari, you can enjoy amazing sceneries, great cycling routes, and feel the invitation of Lake Saimaa.