Welcome to Viitavuori mountain! You are currently watching over Vahjärvi lake from Orivuori cliff on Viitavuori mountain at 20–25 meters. There is a small cave by the cliff, formed by nature, called “rapakivi chamber”.

”Rapakivi chamber” by the cliff. Photo: Sanna Lönnfors.

Viitavuori is a great starting point for the Portimo hiking trail network in the Husula, Kannusjärvi and Kitula areas in Hamina. There are several starting points for the trail network, and you can choose your starting point, distance, and terrain according to your own wishes.

The Portimo hiking trail network covers over 60 kilometres of trails. The trails are marked with signs and blue dots painted on trees. The word “portimo” means a marten in Finnish, and you can see the animal in the signs by the trails. Along the trails you can find, for example, the Siliävuori observation tower. From here you can see views over Kotka and Hamina and even all the way to Kouvola, if the weather is good. Apart from hiking, the trail network is great for mountain biking.

There are five lean-tos with campfire sites along the trails, and also an ecologic toilet at some of the lean-tos. It is allowed to stay overnight in and around the lean-tos. There are also four swimming places for refreshening oneself along the trails.

Viitavuori lean-to is the northernmost of the lean-tos along Portimo trails. Photo: Sanna Lönnfors.

Suitable trails also for the physically challenged

Portimo trails are mostly forest roads or footpaths, and apart from the steep northern slope of Viitavuori and the surroundings of the Siliävuori observation tower, the trails are mostly easily walkable. For the physically challenged, the most suitable is the route from Kitulan Kisapirtti to Oravakorpi lean-to. Portimo trails are maintained, with support from the city of Hamina, the sports club Vehkalahden Veikot, established in 1911.

Please remember the so-called everyman’s rights and the outdoor etiquette on the Portimo trail network. It is forbidden to drive motor vehicles on the Portimo trails without landowner’s permission. Making fire is only allowed at the campfire sites by the lean-tos, and during forest fire warning, making fire is always forbidden. Do not enter property areas, and please remember to take with you what you bring into the area.



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