(East Siitola)

Welcome to Imatra! There is plenty to see and do in Imatra for the whole family. In Imatra, nature is near –
Vuoksi river runs through Imatra, and the town is surrounded by Lake Saimaa. The East Siitola Leader frame
presents Imatra’s best sides – countryside sceneries, Vuoksi river and the town centre of Mansikkala on the
opposite shore. Close to the Leader frame is the Imatra Veteran Park, also a natural and cultural site at
Saimaa Geopark.

Things to see

The breathtakingly beautiful and diverse nature of Imatra is unparalleled. You can get to as many as five
nature tracks within the town borders. Mellonlahti and Tainio nature tracks, Muinaisuoma nature and
culture walk, Vuoksi nature walk as well as Vuoksenniska forest track offer wonderful views to the
sceneries of Imatra, Lake Saimaa, and Imatra Rapids. Also the Kruununpuisto park surrounding the rapids is
one of Imatra’s attractions.

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