Welcome to Uukuniemi! The Leader frame of Tokkari is located in the Uukuniemi guest harbour, near the
services of the municipal centre. Especially during summertime, Uukuniemi is a paradise for holidaymakers
and there is an active community of seasonal residents, organising various activities in the summer. Nearby,
there is a shop, a restaurant, and a short drive away also the Uukuniemi village centre and the Papinniemi
camping area.

Things to see

There is a lot to see in Uukuniemi for visitors of any age. Near the Papinniemi camping are in Uukuniemi
there is a deserted village. In the area of the forested, deserted village, there are historical remains. There
are also guided tours on the route. https://www.facebook.com/papinniemenhistoriapolku/ (in Finnish)
Those interested in religion can visit the church, built in the 18 th century, in the Uukuniemi village centre.
There is also a Chapel of the Holly Family in the area.
Uukuniemi offers great surroundings also for hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing and other outdoor activities.
In the winter, there are well maintained ski track networks available.

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Uukuniemen historia https://www.uukuniemi.info/historia/papinniemen_kirkkokallion_salaisuudet_1515/

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