Welcome to Motellinranta by the shores of Huutjärvi lake! The name refers to Pyhtää Motel, which was opened here in 1968. There used to be also a popular restaurant and a gas station.

Pyhtää Motel in approximately 1968–1972. Photo: Kymenlaakso Museum.

Finland’s most modern municipal hall in a hybrid building

After the motel and gas station were shot down, a hybrid building was completed at the site in 2019. Pyhtää municipal and parish offices moved into the six-storey Pyhtäänlinna (literally: “Pyhtää Castle”) in early 2020.  The open-plan offices of the Pyhtää municipal hall on the second floor have been called ”Finland’s most modern municipal hall”. Apart from offices, there are apartments and business premises in the building.

Pyhtäänlinna is described as the most modern municipal hall in Finland. Photo: Sanna Lönnfors..

The old municipal hall becomes a cultural centre

The building that housed the municipal hall before, located in Siltakylä and built in the 1920s, got a new life as Pyhtään kulttuuritalo (Pyhtää Culture House) was established there in 2021. Its core idea is to return the building into active and sustainable year-round use by combining private creative use and non-profit cultural activities. There is a summer cafe and an art gallery in the building, and various events are arranged there.

Huutjärvi beaches

In early 2022, a park was opened at the northern shore of Huutjärvi lake. Here, you can find a beach volleyball court, a playground, a barbeque place and a beach with changing rooms and a swimming pier.

On the opposite shore of Huutjärvi there is another beach, used for decades already and known among many generations in Pyhtää. There is also a summer kiosk at the beach.

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