Come see the attractions of the art road! During summertime, there are art destinations made by artists,
hobby artists and art students, open around the clock along the Jäppilänniemi art road. The art exhibition
at the Salo-Peltola meeting house belongs also to the art road. The café of the Salopeltola-Jäppilänniemi
Martha organisation is open at the exhibition. The art road destinations entertain visitors always during the
The art road, invented by a summer resident, brings together residents and artists and offers
entertainment for those travelling on the road.

 Art road is a stretch of the road, ca. 10 kilometres long, lined with artwork: cats, hay men,
sculptures, wall paintings.  Read more about the art road (in Finnish)
 Arriving: Jäppilänniementie 343, 55800 Imatra. After driving ca. 5 kilometres from
Vuoksenniska along Jäppilänniementie, you arrive at Jäppilänniemi art road, about 10
kilometres long.
 Art road Facebook site: Taidetie on Facebook (in Finnish)

Read more in Finnish

Jäppilänniemi Imatran kotisivuilla

Jäppilänniemen läheisyydessä sijaitsee yksi Vuoksenniska, yksi Imatran kaupunkikeskustoista

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