Welcome to the centre of Simpele! The Leader frame of Tehtaanpuisto (Factory Park) is right by the centre
of Simpele, near the quality services of the municipal centre. Tehtaanpuisto is known especially for its high-
level disc golf course, however, it is also a historical location.

Things to see

There is a variety of services available at the centre of Simpele, for example grocery stores, restaurants, a
café, a kiosk, as well as hobby activities. At the gym of the Simpele school, there is also an indoor shooting
range, offering a great environment for shooting enthusiasts. At the centre, you can also find lawns, turfs,
and an athletics field. You can read more about the sport facilities below. During summertime, a market in
Simpele invites both sellers of local delicacies as well as residents to spend time together. Simpele is also
known for its annual Antiques and Collectors’ Fair.

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Simpeleen tapahtumatarjontaa https://www.rautjarvi.fi/fi/Vapaa-aika/Kulttuuri

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Simpeleen historiaa kyläyhdistyksen sivuilla https://www.simpele.fi/simpeleen-historiaa/

Tehtaanpuiston historiaa kyläyhdistyksen sivuilla https://www.simpele.fi/simpeleen-tehtaanpuisto/